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See before and afters for each individual preset included: Strawberry SherbertRetro Candy, Toasted Pink and Golden Honey

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Utilizing a preset isn’t as easy as one click (but it IS easy)! Unless you’re shooting in the same exact location, wearing the same exact colors, in the same exact lighting for every photo you take, you’re going to have to make some simple tweaks. Don’t be intimidated if you apply your preset and feel like you need to make some changes. Most often, all it takes is a few edits to the highlights and shadows, and maybe a few color edits here and there.

My tips for working with each individual preset are outlined in your user guide, which you will receive as a part of your download!



+ This preset pack was created for use with the Adobe Lighroom desktop software. While these presets can be used in Lightroom Mobile, transferring them over is a bit of an advanced process. If you plan to use this preset primarily in your Lightroom app for iPhone or Android, I recommend checking out this tutorial first to see if the advanced install is something you’re comfortable with.

[Please note that Lightroom Mobile is a subset of what’s available in Lightroom desktop. At this time, you cannot install presets directly in Lightroom mobile. The tutorial linked above will show you how to bypass this limitation.]

+ While these presets were created for RAW files, they can be edited with both RAW and JPEG filetypes. If you are using these presets to edit JPEG files, you will most likely need to tone down brightness, contrast and sharpening to achieve your desired result.



This listing is for a 4-preset and pack + dust overlay set (learn more about Strawberry SherbertRetro Candy, Toasted Pink and Golden Honey).  After purchasing, your presets will be available for instant download. You will receive one zip file containing:

+ 4 Lightroom Presets (Strawberry SherbertRetro Candy, Toasted Pink and Golden Honey)

+1 “Reset Filter” Preset, which will help you easily revert to your original photo if needed

+ 5 dust overlays (see how to install and use dust overlays here)

+ User guide containing installation instructions and helpful tips for working with your presets





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