Instagram E-Course

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Let’s get your Instagram redesigned, strategically marketed and better-engaged in just one week!

*Includes one full-course instant download.

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Social media marketing is one of the most, if not the most, integral parts of building a successful brand. Enter Instagram, a social media goldmine with the potential to drive traffic to your blog, foster new business relationships, land major brand sponsorships, and increase your overall reach.

This 9-module, self-paced e-course will provide you with the necessary tools to achieve major Instagram growth – actionable plans to get your Instagram redesigned, strategically marketed and better-engaged with your ideal reader in mind over the course of just one week.

Modules Breakdown:

Module 1: Priming and Defining Your Instagram Account

Module 2: Understanding the Algorithm

Module 3: Perfecting the Art of the Post

Module 4: The Hashtag Strategy

Module 5: Amplifying Your Engagement

Module 6: Maximizing Your Following in a Minimal Amount of Time

Module 7: Capturing and Editing the Perfect Photo

Module 8: Skyrocketing Your Reach with Brand Sponsorships

Module 9: Making the Most Out of Analytics

*Plus a suggested course schedule and a goal checklist!