#PositivePractice: Why I Don’t Believe in “Resolutions”

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sharing the second installment of #PositivePractice, talking about why I don’t believe in “resolutions”, and what I’m working towards this month.

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#PositivePractice: Setting Your Daily Intention

Reading Time: 3 minutes In today’s installment of Behind the Blog, I’m sharing my tips for creating an engaged community on Instagram; how to keep your followers invested in what you have to offer, and how to seek out new ones.

Really excited to bring you along on this brand new lifestyle series all about #PositivePractice. First up, setting your daily intention and why I do it.

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My Fitness Story

Reading Time: 6 minutes Sharing where I came from, why I gained 15 lbs. in a year, and the new routine that’s actually working.

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