Bralettes? Yes Please.

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The second I get home from work, I throw on a bralette. When I’m lounging on the weekends and going braless is not reeeeally acceptable, I throw on a bralette. When I’m in the mood for my outfit to be all about the details, I throw on a bralette. Basically, those three things consume most of my time so it’s safe to say that I live in bralettes. There’s something about them that is just so inherently comfortable and sexy; and honestly, I’ll get on board with anything that delivers me both of those things. 

The lingerie industry is having a never-ending champagne party right about now because this trend has totally taken off. One trend I’m loving as of late is the y-neck. As someone who wears lots of v-neck styles, I love the symmetrical detail it provides. This white lace y-neck came from Bralette Babe; the answer to your prayers. But really… 

Bralette Babe is a monthly subscription box just for bralettes. Plug in your size and your color preferences, and legit sip your wine and watch you bravo until it arrives (yes, I could sip wine and watch bravo for a month straight and if you can’t, we can’t be friends).  

Keep reading to hear more about my girl Jenny, the badass creator of this awesome company. In the mean time, grab a free bralette here!

Meet the mastermind behind the brand – Jenny White .

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How was the idea for Bralette Babe born? I mean, a monthly subscription box for bralettes? Yes, please! 

I think that was how, haha. I was like “yes please” myself 😉 I have always loved the concept of subscription boxes and wanted to begin one myself for some time. I’m a huge fan of the different monthly undie boxes out there and am COMPLETELY bralette-obsessed.  I realized that there wasn’t a bralette-specific subscription box and decided to go for it. Once I got the idea, I moved fast because I wanted to receive it monthly myself!

Walk us through what an average day looks like for you. 

Lol are you ready for this?  Well on top of Bralette Babe I am also a mom to an almost-5-year-old, a DJ, yoga instructor and graphic/web designer; so life is always interesting. I do a lot of pre-planning scheduling. I personally keep a super tight to-do list and update it each night before I go to bed to stay on top of things coming up. My day is super Bralette Babe-focused at the moment as getting it off the ground has required a ton of love and attention.  In a single day I’m typically focusing on social media posts, correspondence with clients, updating our website and curating new bralette styles for upcoming boxes in between playing hot wheels cars, putting together a playlist for my next show and developing a theme for my next yoga class.  I love it all!

What lingerie brands and/or designers are you currently lusting after?

LUSTING after For Love & Lemons.  LUST.  Their collection is so sick – gorgeous details and incredible quality. I definitely have a few of their styles on my bucket list for grabbing soon!

Describe your personal style in 3 words. 

Edgy, Rocker, BlackonBlack

What styles and/or colors would your ideal bralette box consist of?

We offer our subscribers 3 style options that they can change up at any time.  Basic (Blacks, Whites, Neutrals only), Bright (Colors only) and Both (either a basic or a bright) – I would personally choose “Both” because although I wear a ton of black, I love to include a pop of color sometimes.  I’m super into looser tops that show off back detailed bralettes at the moment so I would definitely be happy to receive a bralette with a super unique and gorgeous back.

Three ways to best style a bralette. GO!

Love this because I’m in the middle of writing an article on my favorite ways to style a bralette.  This fall I am personally super into a few specific looks:

1. Black On Black (always my go to!) – although some people would feel this is restrictive I completely disagree. I love showing off my personal style within one color palette. This fall you will catch me in black boots layered over my black skinnies, a loose tunic tank to show a little bralette, a black lacey detailed bralette and a leather jacket layered on top.

2. With a Blazer!  I know this look has been around a little while but it is still going SO STRONG this season. Layer your favorite bralette underneath a low v blazer for a super sexy style. If it feels like too much for you than pair with a low v white tee that shows just a little of the bralette.

3. Under a plaid button down.  It’s the perfect season for this sweet style and you can completely make it your own.  Pair a matching bralette under your favorite plaid button down and leave a few buttons undone.  If it feels too much, layer a v tee on top of the bralette.  I’ve seen this style worn super casual with skinnies or dressed up over an adorable babydoll dress with knee high boots.

Bralettes (truly – I have a problem!).  I’m also super addicted to Lush Bath products.

worst habit:

Taking long hot showers!  Sometimes it’s my only solo moment in a day.

go-to cocktail:

Haha I was just telling a friend I need a new drink.  Lately my go to has been the Madras (vodka, cranberry, OJ) so I obviously need a new drink if anyone can help me

celebrity crush:

Ryan Gosling

guilty pleasure:

Two hour massages at my favorite spa. 

if I could take one candy to a desert island:

Ritter Sport Chocolate Butter Biscuit.  If you don’t know, now you know!

the one thing I can’t live without:

My son Kai, no question.

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